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Marital Breakthrough Hub For Matured Singles


Get access to courses on dating, positioning and maintaining a relationship. We have have got various resources available for you.

Your journey becomes easier when you are in a community of like minded individuals who are intentional about their waiting journey.

Being alone is already hard work. Get into the mode of connecting with other singles and stand the chance of connecting with someone you like.


Almost every day, I receive messages from random single ladies asking me how they can win back men who have either relegated them as second options or who make them struggle for their attention.

Sometimes, mature singles send in messages, asking how they can deal with their waiting seasons.

Other times, it’s a man asking me why he is unable to attract and marry a woman he likes, without using her cooking skills and sexual prowess as parameters.

When you start approaching the age of 24, 25, 28, and 30, naturally you would become accustomed to the pressures and challenges of settling down. Your parents, friends, and society will start asking you when you would get married.

In that period it feels like those asking the questions are more concerned about when you marry than who you marry. And when you finally get married due to pressure, they leave you alone to deal with the struggles of marital crisis.

The waiting season before marriage is a nightmare for many because it comes with worries and fears like:

  • Would I get someone to marry me?

  • Is there something wrong with me?

  • Am I attractive enough?

  • Do I have a foundational issue?

  • Will this new person be committed to me?

  • Am I paying for my previous mistakes?

  • Am I asking for too much?

All these questions can keep you in a paranoid stage, leading you to make disruptive mistakes if you’re not careful.

There’s a reason why God is permitting delay concerning your choice of life partner. If this purpose is not known, the enemy may keep sneaking into your life to make your waiting season feel like a curse.

Yes! You heard me right. Do you now understand why you are presently overwhelmed with Confusion, Hopelessness and Fear Of the Unknown?

You have those emotions because you are yet to find out The Mystery Behind Your Delay, The Mind of God Concerning It, and How You Can Come Out of It, In No Time.

All these and many more are what will be unleashed to you in this Transformational Hub. I encourage you to take the first step by registering right away.

This Hub is anointed; the coaches are not only anointed but equally prepared and equipped to go on this Journey of Self Awareness and Total Victory with you.


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